Like You Were In The Room!

Missed the live action at the UK PMU Conference, or simply want to relive the magic? 

We've got you covered! 

With our exclusive Replay Access, you can now catch every moment of the conference, on your own terms.

Your Replay Agenda

    1. Sheila Bella (Bossing Business) & Kim Zen (Working With Magnums)

    2. Kim Zen Part 2

    3. Jenna Leigh (Success On Socials) & Victoria Racca (Numbing & Anesthetics)

    4. Bianca Festejo (Camoflage Techniques), Lavina Pop (Pigmentology), Alex Mechanci (Zig-Zag Nano Brows)

    5. Victoria Racca - Client Workshop

    1. Veronika Fleis (Smokey Eyes) & Kally Moorhouse (Areola Realism)

    2. Tori Tattoo (Fine Line Tattoo) & Tracy Russell (Aftercare)

    3. Mary Hall Scott (PMU Evolution) & Alex Mayil (Satin Lips)

    1. Tips for Moving Forward With PMU Knowledge

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 2 Days Of Educational Content